Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters Looks Like a Thesis on Arena Fighters

A pre-release analysis of the new Kamen Rider game’s mechanics.

[01/02/2018 EDIT: I misread this game’s quality hard.  It was clearly rushed.  Still, this article has some merit, as it rounds up some solid game design ideas… that weren’t all fully realized in the final game.  Oh well.  Fingers crossed for My Hero Academia!]

A few months ago, I started watching a Japanese live-action show called “Kamen Rider”.

In case this article’s existence wasn’t a dead giveaway, I fell in love with it.

It seemed like I’d entered the Kamen Rider fandom at the right time too, as not only did the current seasons turn out to be great, but an arena fighter for the series was announced right after the last concluded.  If you’re up to date on this blog, you may know that I kiiiiinda’ like that genre.

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Time To Gush About Dissidia For A While

Also, there’s some analysis of the differences between the new Dissidia and the old ones, I guess.

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The King of Graphics

One of these heads is not like the others. Can you tell which? I’ll reveal the answer later…

This blog about button bashers hasn’t featured any articles on them thus far. Time to change that, and vent a little on an annoying almost-but-not-quite non-issue while I’m at it.

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